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Take a walk through Dotonbori street with its huge billboards,
hundreds of restaurants and food stalls selling local foods
including the famous Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.
Pass through Kuromon market, a traditional Japanese market
offering different foods with a great choice of seafood.
Manga and Anime fans!
Nipponbashi DenDen town could be a paradise on earth,
with its numerous shops specialising in selling manga,
anime goods, figurines, etc.
You will see the famous maids, girls wearing maid uniforms
trying to catch new customers for one of the many maid cafes in the area.
The tour will end in Shinsekai, the “New World”, with it’s Tsutenkaku,
the Osaka Eiffel tower, kushikatsu and Billiken , the God of wealth and money.

A photo of Shinsekai in Osaka

Available in English

2h Tour

Meeting Location

Namba station (Osaka Metro) ,
outside exit 15B.

The Metro exit 15B is right next to
the pachinko place called Namba Hips on ground level.

Meeting spot photo

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